Tax Planning and Preparation

Do you know the best date to begin working to reduce your tax bill? TODAY! In fact you can start right now, regardless of when the next tax season begins.

Steps to Decrease Your Tax Bill

1.       Purchase the right type of life insurance

2.       Track your donations

3.       Boost your retirement savings

4.       Contribute to an HSA

5.       Deduct ALL of your eligible expenses

And that’s just a few of the things you can do!

It’s estimated that the average American misses several thousand dollars in tax deductions due to poor record keeping and lost receipts. The Federal tax code currently has 74,000+ pages of information that may potentially be affecting how much you owe the government in the coming year. Do you understand them all? We do! 

At Johnson Financial Services we offer comprehensive tax services at a price you can afford. 

We can help you with tax planning and preparation to ensure you never miss another deduction.  We also offer a mobile app that allows you to easily track income and expenses and ensures you’ll never forget to record another deduction!

Lesley Johnson is an ENROLLED AGENT and has been authorized to represent taxpayers before the IRS. Who’s representing your business this year?

Click this link today and ask how we can help you reduce your tax bill for the coming year